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It was a normal Sunday the 22nd July 2012, I had just returned from a trip to California where I had been setting up our US office, lying on my bed recovering from jet lag, my mobile rang at 1.30 pm. It was my mum, I thought strange to be ringing on my mobile, I didn’t pick up for some reason but walked to the bathroom and washed my face before I made the call back. The next sound I heard I will never forget, my mum whaling down the phone Kashi is Dead!! Kashif was my nephew, my brothers’ son who had lived with us since he was 6 months old, he was like my little brother and best friend we had shared so much over the last 25 years, yes he was only 25. He was now gone forever. He went to bed on the Saturday and just didn’t wake up, the inquest recorded an open verdict with just his medication for schizophrenia found in his system. The pain at losing someone so young I cannot describe. I was not new to death in 1997 my uncle at 48 passed away and then on the 1st December 1999, a day that those close to me know has always been a special day, my father passed away, two months later my aunt and 7 months later my uncle, all on my fathers’ side. Bereavement leaves you numb from head to toe and takes the will to live out of you, nothing really matters anymore. But the reality is that life has to go on and helping others get through tough times is so important. A good friend of mine Julie Neville says bad things happen to good people and that really sums it up. The Logo X foundation has been set up in order to help others where ever we can. When bad things happen in life no matter how big or small we tend to close ranks and not share but it is the sharing, the support and the belief that are the most important things that ultimately get you out of that bad place. Giving, sharing and believing will make you a happy person, I promise you. And that is the principle of the Logo X foundation to give, believe and share in causes that are not just important to us but also to our customers. A percentage of our sales no matter what will go to the Logo X Foundation fund, we have targeted annual donations of £100,000, being a small business this will take us time but please remember this is not a sales incentive as used by some companies but a genuine offer of help to those in difficult times from Logo X directors and staff. We are committed in terms of money and time.
The Logo X foundation helps me keep the memories of my father Gohar Latif Khan and my nephew Kashif Khan in everything we do, both were very loving and generous people that are dearly missed.
Check out #GiftingHappiness and follow us on twitter @LogoXUK or visit the blog on our website LogoX.co.uk to see where we have donated and what we are planning to do next.

For more information about the foundation please contact Logo X on 0207 101 0722

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